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Social Contracts

Mr. Harris' Class worked on their creating their social contracts, a promise the students make between each other and between the teacher. In AVID it's important to build a family atmosphere!


Mrs. Shepherd's class became experts on the tutorial process and shared their learning with their classes!
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The 10 Step Tutorial Process

In Mrs. Aschenbrenner's class, students were created a themed visual of the 10 step tutorial process. They had all sorts of fun themes, such as pizza, the Big 10, and a little love!
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Supporting your AVID student


Did you know you can see updated grade information for all of your student's classes on our school grade book system, Skyward?

Teachers update their gradebook on a weekly basis. You can support your student by regularly checking all of their classes and keeping an eye out for a low grade, or a missing assignment. Several teachers accept late work until the end of the grading period, but you can refer to their syllabus for their specific policy.

We encourage all AVID students to take ownership of their learning and speak with their teachers themselves about fixing or redoing grades.

For more information on Skyward Family Access, and to log on click here

Cornell Notes

What are Cornell notes?

Cornell notes are a proven way of taking interactive and useful notes. AVID students use the Cornell Method of note taking to dramatically increase retention of their core class instruction. Cornell notes can be taken on all instruction styles.

Why use the Cornell Method?

Professor Walker Pauk of Cornell University developed this system of notes to save time while maximizing effectiveness of note taking.

How many Cornell notes should we student be taking?

Ideally, students should take notes in the Cornell style for all classes, but the following are the AVID district expectations

  • 6th grade: 1 per week in Semester 1
  • 7th grade: 3 per week in Semester 1
  • 8th grade: 5 per week in Semester 1

How do you take Cornell Notes?

Your student is the best one to show you, however, you can use the image below as a quick reference. The big take-away of Cornell notes is that it's a process that must be revisited often to increase retention. The four steps of Cornell Notes are:

  1. Note Taking -taking notes in class.
  2. Note Making- making notes usable
  3. Note Interacting- studying with notes
  4. Note Reflecting- making notes better
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Join us for an AVID Family Reunion!

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 4-7pm

2525 Rio Grande Boulevard

Euless, TX

GCISD AVID will be having its very first AVID Family Reunion Tuesday, September 20th from 4pm-7pm at Dave & Buster's at 2525 Rio Grande Boulevard in Euless! This social is for new and returning AVID students! We hope that all GMS students and their families attend.

For full details visit

Please be sure sign in at the front desk at Dave & Buster's under AVID as GCISD AVID will get 10% of the proceeds from this social!

Have a Great Weekend!

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Mr. Harris, Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Aschenbrenner