Language Matters

A newsletter written by students about their learning


This is the first termly flyer informing parents/guardians and carers of students' experiences of learning a foreign language.

French and Music departments working together.

When we saw the hall starting to fill up with year 7's we got really nervous, but we remembered that we were with each other and it was going to be okay. Our biggest fear was messing it up and getting it wrong but we knew that we had chosen to do this and it was just for fun. It was a great experience performing in front of our year group , and we would definitely do it again. We can't thank the teachers of the French and Music departments enough for giving us this opportunity. We would recommend this for anyone because you get great rewards!!!!

French and Music department working together

Year 8 French

In this video, we played a board game, Snakes & Ladders with a slight twist! We each had counters, and whichever square we landed on, we had to translate the English word/phrase written on the square into a French sentence. We felt it was a good opportunity to extend our French vocabulary in both written and spoken work.
Year 8 French speaking

Year 9 French

In this video we showed one of the many activities we do in our French lessons to improve our speaking abilities. We made a few mistakes but with help from our teacher and each other we were able to fix them. We also found out that when we are put on the spot it is a lot harder than when we have to repeat after our teacher in lesson.
Year 9 French Speaking

Year 10 Spanish (Why I like learning Spanish)

I enjoy learning new words and phrases. I want to be able to express myself in a new language. Learning different verb tenses are difficult but it helps you communicate more effectively. I have learnt many things from, pocket money to school rules. We all have to use Memrise. com; an incredibly useful website that helps us remember all the words and phrases that we learn in class. Spanish is a very rewarding subject and gives you a real sense of achievement.

Laurence 10BR