Cristiano Ronaldo

Biography by: Rodolfo G


Cristiano Ronaldo was named after his dads favorite actor Ronald Reagan. Cristiano was born in Madeira, Portugal February 5, 1985. Cristiano had kinda of a rough life because his dad liked drinking alot really didn't take care of himself and his family. He died in 2005 because he started having kidney problems. Cristiano grew up in a largely working class neighborhood that overlooked the ocean.

Intro to Soccer

Ronaldo started playing soccer when he was 9 years old in a Youth Soccer League. When he was 17 years old he joined Sporting Lisbon. He joined his first Pro soccer team called Manchester United.He helped them win the English Championship in 2003.He also joined his national team Portugal in the Olympics Games in Athens, Greece in 2004.And after the Olympic Games a team named Real Madrid (Spain Team), they bought Ronaldo in 2005.

Soccer Life

He played also with Portugal in the World Cup Tournament in Germany in 2006. Until Cristiano Ronaldo started playing with Portugal a lot of people were so impressed with his speed, dribbling and skills during while he was playing in the World Cup. In 2007 he was named the best soccer player in England and the best Portuguese Athlete.And Ronaldo didn't just do soccer, he also did charity work in Portugal and other places. Cristiano Ronaldo is still playing in Real Madrid and he is 30 years old now but soon we don't know if hes still gonna be playing soccer.
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Research Questions

  • He has a positive society by entertaining people with his skills and speed.
  • Hiss effect on other people is good because he impresses people.
  • He is lucky because he is so talented and amazing playing in other countries than in Portugal.
  • I would use like amazing, nice and very respectful because he does a lot of charity work him and his teammates.
  • He was lucky for being so talented that he joined one of the best teams.
  • Well I chose this person because he is interesting and inspires people.
  • What makes him interesting is his skills and everything he does in soccer.
  • The new thing i learned about him was that he had a rough life because everything his dad did.

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