how is music affecting teenagers

By: Cheyenne Washburn

the behavior of teens

The genre of music teenagers listen to can affect how the child behaves. If the child listens to metal, death metal, screamo, and alternative rock the child is more at a anger state of mind. For death metal "One of the most well known incidents in which music has been blamed for the actions of a teen was in 1999. Two boys at Columbine High School opened fire on their school and killed 12 students and a teacher. The two boys also ended up committing suicide. The two boys were heavy metal music fans, particularly of Marilyn Manson. Many of Manson's songs speak of topics such as taking your anger out on others and being useless to the world" ("Music's Effect on Teenagers." LoveToKnow. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 May 2015).


i can relate to this because i listen to a band called Pierce The Veil. they sing alternative rock and some of their songs have a angry state of mind but most of their songs have meaning to it and country music can be good for the mind to if you don't listen to the kind that's all about getting drunk and adult content.

the people teenagers hang out with

teenagers don't like to hang out with strangers or people they don't have a lot in common with. teenagers like to be able to have something to talk about and they like to listen to music and if someone they are hanging out with doesn't like the kind of music they listen to then they can't be themselves. music also can be away to show how the teenager is feeling and with friends that listen to the same music may feel the same. "There are so many types of music out there today. Rap, pop, rock, country, indie, alternative, hardcore are some of the abundant types in the world. Music sends out either good or bad messages that have big impacts on how people act. People usually become friends with others who have a same taste in music as the rest of the people they hangout with, or it can be vice versa. People may not want to associate with people who have different tastes in music because they’ll argue about what they think is better but its just their own opinions". ("How Music Affects Teens." How Music Affects Teens. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 May 2015.)


music is a way that teenagers express how they feel and for music i like i want to be able to relate to the songs somehow. i believe that if you really want to get to know somebody listen to what kind of music they listen to it could probably tell you more than hours of talking could

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