Soaring Over MDE

September 17, 2021

Bathroom Damage

As I am sure you have heard in the news, there has been a popular TikTok going around regarding damaging the school bathrooms. While I do not believe that our students are using or watching TikTok, we have seen an increase in inappropriate usage of toilet paper and seat covers. (See images below)

Please speak to your child about proper bathroom behaviors. We have increased our supervision of the different restrooms on our campus. My hope is this goes away quickly.

Reminder Regarding Hats:

Per Ed. Code, hats are allowed while students are outside (Teachers are reminding students that hats inside should be taken off.) Hats must be shielding the face from the sun or the elements. Hats that are worn backwards are not appropriate for school. All students have been reminded repeatedly that hats can be worn outside. However, must be worn appropriately facing forward, shielding the face.

Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraiser

Hi Parents!

We are so excited we have launched our Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough and premium gifts fundraiser!! Our fundraiser is online only. To shop and share with family and friends, we ask that each family registers by either downloading the free MyFundR APP from the app store or registering on our website at

Our school code is: SS5406

If you have multiple children participating, please register each child to make sure they get prize credit for their orders.

The winner of our 5 cone Popcornopolis gift basket is Vivienne Ezell!

Congratulations! We will have this for you at the delivery.

We are also asking each family to share via e-mail/text/social media with 5 people! If every family shares our fundraiser with 5 people after registering, we will hit our goal!

**For “Ship to School” items including frozen Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and baked goods, please choose the “Ship to School” catalogue A (there is no shipping charge on these items). For non frozen, ship to home options, please shop out of the “Ship to Home” catalogue B. All non frozen items can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.

All orders are due Wednesday, September 29th!

The funds raised will allow the PFC to fund programs and provide support for things like stipends for teachers, copy paper, computer technology, garden instruction, curriculum enhancements, and MORE!

Thank you for your support!

~Mt. Diablo Elem PFC

Pictures from Walk-Through

If your child was able to take their school pictures during Walk-Through, and you ordered images, they were mailed out on 9/15. If you ordered them after Walk-Through, they are still being shipped.

Parent Advisory Committee

We need one parent volunteer to attend our District Parent Advisor Committee meetings (in person) monthly. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP. The first meeting has already occurred.

This person would be a liaison between the district and our site, from the parent/guardian perspective. During this unknown time, this is a valuable connection between our site and the district.

Upcoming Dates:


  • 15-29 School-wide Fundraiser
  • 27-Oct. 1 Spirit Week (more information coming next week)


  • 6 Picture Make-up Day (done in classes)
  • 11 Teacher In-Service Day (No students at school)
  • 18-29 School-wide Conferences (School day is 8:00-1:30) conferences arranged by teachers
  • 25-29 Red Ribbon Week (Sprit week)

Mt. Diablo. Elementary

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