November Newsletter

Bloomin' Butterflies

Last Month

Last month we had fun exploring things with our fingers. We did art projects like finger painting, paint brush art, and coloring with crayons. We also had lots of fun digging out the inside of our pumpkin for Halloween. Some of our friends were not sure about it and others had fun playing in it.

This Month:

This month we will be welcoming our new friend Benjamin J. We also will be celebrating Harrison & Ben's 1st birthdays this month.

This month we will exploring things that have to do with Fall and Thanksgiving. We will be making lots of fun art projects that will be hung up on our walls of the classroom for you to check out!

Special Note:

Please make sure your child has appropriate outside gear as we will still be going outside when weather allows us to. With winter just around the corner please remember to bring snow gear at the first sign of snow fall.