Hangout in the Hangout Workshop!

Feeling isolated? Too many classes and not enough time?

Learn from a librarian who has practiced this with multiple classes simultaneously. (Camila Castro)

No more teaching the same subject or promoting the same books to multiple classes multiple times! Teach it or present it once with Google Hangouts and instantly broadcast to multiple classes. You can also meet with teachers at Dept. meetings or fellow librarians without having to leave the library.

Learn how to use book talks prior to them coming in to checkout;, meet with teams; make room in your schedule; schedule on their calendar; use on mobile devices; and use your ELMO along with a Google Hangout!

Google Hangout Workshop this Wednesday at NLC!

Wednesday, March 18th, 4:30pm

6632 Bandera Road

San Antonio, TX

*Remember to bring your laptop and a set of headphones (with a mic is preferable) if you have them.

You do not need to sign-up in ERO. We will sign you up!