Crozet 5th Grade Newsletter

Issue #13


Thursday, Nov. 13th: PE World Cup Stacking Day

Friday, Nov. 14th: MAKE-UP PICTURE DAY

Saturday, Nov. 15th: Girl’s Geek Day @ Meriwether Lewis (Full Session)

Friday, Nov. 21st: Assembly “Mathemagic” @ 9:00 am

Wednesday, Nov. 26th-Friday, Nov. 28th: Thanksgiving Break (NO School)

*Bring a snack every day-5th Grade is peanut free!

Holiday Gift Idea and our 5th grade fundraiser... BRAX CUPS

Please consider our Brax Cups for holiday gifts.

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We can submit orders until early November to have them in time for the holidays.

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Students are becoming "Lords of the Rings" with their new vocabulary flash cards. They are creating their own collections of vocabulary for each subject. They are able to add to their collection of cards at any time and we encourage for them to check out Blackboard at home to review vocabulary in each of their subject areas.



In the weeks ahead, we are discussing what we already know about fractions. This is a hefty concept for fifth graders, so we begin with some visuals and revisit some familiar ways to identify fractions.

Mr. Stauffer's Class

This week we are starting SOL 5.7, Order of Operations. Students will learn how to simplify whole number numerical expressions, using the order of operations, limited to parentheses, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. They will using the acronym PEMDAS to help solve. This will help them remember the steps and the order in which they are to be used.








Cursive handwriting is happening! This week students will write a strong paragraph about Ellis Island in cursive handwriting. This should be completed for homework and turned in by Friday, November 14th.

This is the first draft and I only expect a strong paragraph or two (not for student to strive to the 600 word maximum) for our latest writing project, "A Child's Journey Through Ellis Island."


  • 300 to 600 words
  • Handwritten, type written, or written on a computer
  • Black ink only
  • Computer : Use 12 or 14 point font
  • Double-spaced
  • Must include a title page and a bibliography (will be modeled in class)
  • DEADLINE: 11/21/14


We're discussing the causes for the American Revolution. Please check out our resources on the Blackboard page, as well as reviewing the interactive notes in your student's binder.
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Mr. Stauffer's Science Lab

We are starting SOL 5.6, our Oceans unit this week. Students will investigate and understand characteristics of the ocean environment. Key concepts include geological characteristics, physical characteristics, and biological characteristics.

Coming soon notes, links, and vocabulary.

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