Morgan Mitchell


airfare cost and schedule

I am traveling from Denver to Canada with 2 people me an my friend on the 16 to 30 it $843 to go. And siting in economy it leaves at 8:30am and arives at 12:15am on the plane you get 2 free meals and drinks.


I am staying at a 4 star hotel called The Fort Garry Hotel in Brodway Downtown Winnipeg. From april 16-30,it's only a couple miles away from the airport and a shuttle parked there every morning to pick up people and take them places. Like the bacon festival of nigra falls of to go camping also at night you can see the nothern light or lights on niagra falls water fall. Room service comes evry day you stay. To clean and make your bed they also take your food if you get room service.

It's clasic furniter and olden very unique goldsh brown very rich when you touch it your hand just slides off how slick it is and it catches your attention because it is so shiney. And cumfertible you stay in a sweet that has 2 king beds the usawal stuff hairdrier a pool and a little restrant they are open all the time day and night they ever have a little bar. Along with a little kitchen in the room and laundry room with washer dryer as well as baskets to take your clothes back up it has 15 florers. And the total cost is $1898.They also have a spa. That gives massages manicures pedicures and waxing and a facial that all together is only $1000.


Niagara Falls is a perfect place to go for shight seeing and if you just want to see bands play go here and see roaring water falls and beatiful shites. It feels like a fairy tail because how beautiful it is with all the plants and flowers also you can go at night and see the light on the water it is so pretty. People always tell me there over 1500 steps and you can take a boat in front of the aster fall and almost touch it your only like 100 to 1000 Ft away but in is $310 to go and from9:00am-12:00pm.

Also in Yellowknife you can go to see the nothern lights and a indin festivle you get to try some of there food and games also dances and it with drums and a rattle also try on some of there clothes. It feels like the olden day because they do not use stoves they use fires and they have there own lanwige they speek in for communication and you family can all lean it. you can take a boat on to the water and watch.

Go to canadas Grassland natinol park feel like home here rooling grass hill seem to meet the endless skys the map at the beging showes good places to camp and not camp also good hiking places. Also if you just want to see the wildlife and take pictures if you just like photografing. In the summer it gets up to 95 degese it open all year long even during winnter snow some people say it a great sleding place because the hills are so big. One more thing is you should buy a snow mobial it is $200 to rent for a whole week.

history and culture

Most people here like Canadian bacon and eggs most people on Saturday and Sunday have eggs bacon french toast and a drink, beligum waffles to.I think it would be cool to live here because all those things are good to it it smells so fresh like it just rained it least I think the smell after it rains it is so good smelling. And also i think tranpotation is a big problem to because to call someone over to pick you up or drop you off somewhere. there is a bacon festival that you travle in a hot air ballon or a car or you can jet ski.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

To start money can be difcult because they do not use U.S money they use Canadian Dollar so it can be hard to buy stuff so you may have to go to a bank or atm.

Another one is lanuage some people speak English but other mostly speek British Spanish. so that some reasons it can be hard in Canada


So if you want to go to Canada these are some activtys you should try and look out for. If you try these activtys you can have the best spring break or summer also if you are on vacation. There is public transportation at the hotel so you can feel special and before you buy something make sure you have Canidin money so you can buy stuff.