Inherit the wind

By: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Background info of Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee

Jerome Lawrence was born in Cleveland Ohio on July 14, 1915. After graduating from the university of California with a graduate degree he worked as a writer/ editor for several small newspapers. Robert Edwin Lee was born in Elyria Ohio on October 15 1918, and later went on to graduate from Wesleyan university. During World War 2 the two worked for the Armed Forces Radio and had a multitude of popular radio shows. They later wrote Inherit the Wind in 1955, which is still one of the most produced plays of all time.

Scopes Monkey Trial

The Scopes Monkey Trial was a legal case in 1925 in which a high school teacher, named John Scopes, was accused of teaching evolution, which was against the law in Tennessee. The trial was staged to attract attention to Dayton Tennessee, where the trial was held.

Summary of "Inherit the Wind"

When Bert Crates is arrested, and thrown in jail for teaching evolution to his high school sophomore class, it causes an uproar in the local community. This Rachel Brown to be torn between him and her father, the spiritual leader of Hillsboro. Matthew Brady, a respected fundamentalist, is the prosecuting attorney and vows t defend the people of Hillsboro from Crates, and "evil-ution". Crate loses the trial, but only has to pay a small fee.