Animoto Project Directions

Your Task:

Use your essay analogy from yesterday to create a presentation in Animoto.


-A slide for each component of the essay

- A slide explaining to me IN YOUR OWN WORDS what that component is (this means, no copy/paste).

- A photo to represent each essay component

Sign-In to Animoto if you already have an account OR Create an account

How to sign up: watch this video explanation OR follow the steps below:

1. Go to to

2. Click sign up

3. Fill in your information using your school email account information

4. Click DO YOU HAVE A PROMO CODE before clicking Sign Up

5. Enter the following code: a4ekize5dfcf8

6. Get started!

Videos on how to use Animoto

How to navigate Animoto: View Ms. Kile’s tutorials and answers to your Animoto questions: