Lunch and a Little Business

Excited to SHARE my new biz with SHARE and CR!

Nutrition, Anti-aging skincare, Men's products, Baby line, and Cosmetics!


I can't wait to show you what I'm up to in my next phase of life...PARENTHOOD! I think you'll all be interested for different reasons. I would love to treat you to a different lunch break next week. Here's what I'm thinking:

Meet during your lunch next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

(If you can't all make it one day, I'm willing to be there twice.)

You all pick the place.

(I was thinking Starbucks, but if Cafe Oasis is easier let's do that.)

You tell me the time.

I'll do a little sampling, mini pampering, and quick 4-11 about my gig! This is JUST me sharing my story...please don't read "Gina is peddling lipstick and wants me to buy some!" You know me better than that! :) Love you ladies. `

At the very least it's a great excuse to see you all and hang out!