Your Vote Counts!

$500 Garden Grant

MCES is a finalist for a $500 grant to build a new garden, sponsored by Moe's and the Poe Center. Thank you to Mrs. Cancro and Wes Smetana from the YMCA for their work on this grant!

To vote for Middle Creek, go to

Only votes submitted between 12:00am EST on September 10th and 5:00pm EST on September 24th will be eligible to win. One vote per person per day.

October 8 Vote

You are invited to attend the PTA meeting on Tuesday, September 17 at 7pm. We will have a guest from the Speakers Bureau for the Friends of Wake County give us more information about the School Bond Referendum. Don't miss this opportunity to become more informed before you vote on October 8.

The Oct. 8 ballot will include an $810-million bond referendum for public school construction and renovations to provide seats to the 20,000 new students expected in the next five years (more than 3,200 new students are expected this year). If approved, this bond will pay for 16 new schools over the next three years, including 11 elementary, three middle and two high. It also will pay for major renovations of six schools, start-up renovations at three others, repairs at 79 schools, technology and security upgrades and land for future schools. Please take the time to become well informed about this bond referendum so you can cast an effective vote on Oct. 8! Information about the building program is available at the Wake County Public School System’s web site at