Settings and Accessories

Module 7

Accessories to Purchase

If I were going to be teaching FCS again next year, I would like the Justand or something similar to turn the iPad into a document camera. That would be useful when I demo a cooking technique to my class.

I would also like a printer. I'm just not ready to cut the hard copy habit cold turkey.

I own a keyboard but took it off and let a friend borrow it. Again, if I were going to be in the classroom next year, I think I would need to get it back to make typing easier, but I like the convenience of the lighter weight and less bulk without the keyboard for now.

AirPlay is another thing I think I need for teaching and presentations.

The Pencil by Fifty-three was a featured item on the accessories page and it just looks like it would be a lot of fun for a doodler like me.

Safety, Tips and Tricks

I know I need to install a passcode as I use my iPad more, especially when I start using it for my gradebook. I hadn't even thought of students getting a hold of it and changing things on it or of them setting up a passcode on it if I don't. They will have their own iPads though so won't be using mine. For now I like the "after four hours" option for the passcode, but when I use it at school more, I will want a shorter time frame for requiring the passcode.

I appreciate learning about the Manage Storage setting so that when my 16 gb device is running out of storage space I can get rid of apps that I'm not using.


I didn't understand the information about the Background App Refresh. I turned a couple of them off to try to save some battery life, but does that mean I won't get updated information on those apps?

Also, is there a way to get rid of the edit stuff on the sides of a smore?