Policy Proposal:

the Value Added Tax

Do not implement the VALUE ADDED TAX reform!

Taxes are needed in order to securely administer and fund governmental organizations. Many people don’t see, or aren't aware, of the scandal dealing with raising taxes. Any change in taxes affect us as consumers and we should be more clearly presented with information of how exactly this is affecting our economy and our wallets. This topic affects me because someday I will be paying taxes myself and i would like to know when they’re raising my taxes, how they’re doing it, and why they’re doing it. The effect tax increase has on our small businesses are huge. If their taxes are raised, so are ours. Our money will be spent differently, and the more it constantly changes the more our wallets suffer. One way or another, we must involve ourselves more into this political scandal and inform ourselves of how everything works, and how we could stop change that.

Some critics might argue that the vat has worked in Europe as well as in other countries and it could also potentially work in ours. My response, as President Obama said, " the value added tax has worked great for other countries but it would not be right to place this new tax here." This tax could bring more negative than positive effects.