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A Distinguished Group Doing Distinguished Things

Senior Women's League Season!

It's that time of the year again! The time when Junior girls don their grotesque outfits planned by their fellow Senior women. This is a wonderful tradition Lake Highlands women look forward to every year. A time when girls are forced to dress in attire that is in no way offensive to certain people, because you know pretending to be something you're not in a mocking way won't offend anyone.

What Really Is Senior Women's League?

A Group? Or a Legend?

Senior Women's League is a very distinguished group of course, one of their most important jobs , and maybe only job, is to bake cookies for a boy on the day of their big game. "Of course I love WSL, those dozen cookies really motivate me to play my best on a game day, lord knows when I'm nervous and running around the only thing that feels better is also having twelve chocolate chip cookies fumbling around in my stomach," says Lake Highlands football player Matthew Travis. Just like in the fifties, these women dedicate themselves to the kitchen every night before a big game and slave over ovens just to help these boys win, but do these boys do anything in return? "The boys don't have to do anything in return, it's not like we're asking them to do anything they aren't used to doing. My mom always cooks for my dad; it's just the way the role of a woman should be," replies Basketball player Jonathan Grover.

Not only is this award winning job a wonderful organization to be apart of, it also looks great on a college resume! Because what says,"I'm a very independent thinking, hard working person," than women baking cookies for men!

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