A form of government

The basics

Theocracy is a form of government in which there is no separation between church and state. The citizens have no freedom of religion, and instead, their beliefs are required by law. Else, they get punished, or imprisoned.

Law and Rights

In a theocracy, the laws are based on religious beliefs, or the church policies. They are sometimes based on a "word of god." Basically, what the god says, goes. Ecclesiocracy is the form of legislature.

In a theocracy, citizens do not have many rights. Whatever rights they do have are what is preached by the church, and they cannot vote. :(

Countries that use theocracy

Why I oppose

Why theocracy is terrible

People should have freedom of religion, not be forced to believe something. Our leaders should be people right for the job, not people who hear voices in their head and call it "God." There should be a separation between church and state, people should be able to believe whatever they want, and not be punished for it. These theocratic countries are also infamous for civil warfare.

After all this evidence, I'm glad we have democracy.