By: Kylie Williams

Communication~ The process of conveying information in such a way that the message is received and understood

Types of communication

Verbal Communication~ Using words to communicate

1. Speaking

2. Listening

3. Emailing

Nonverbal Communication~ Communicating by sending messages without words

1. Your Appearance

2. Body Language

3. Your Actions

Slang~ A kind of language

1. "All emo" its like being a drama queen.

2. "Frenemy" it is a person who appears on one hand to be your friend but, at the same time is antagonistic towards you.

3. "Cool"

When is slang appropriate for use?

Slang is used in differnt kinds of groups. People often use slang to set themselves apart or make it difficult for people to understand them

"I" message~ This means you take ownership for your feelings. You state what you feel or think instead of criticizing the other person

say "I think you are ignoring me" rather than "you are ignoring me"

"You" message~ Comes across as accusations

"You are ignoring me" places the blame on the other person and may aggravate the situation

8 Tips for better communication

1. Discuss one topic

2. Mention something you have in common

3. Ask questions

4. Be positive

5. Be open and honest

6. Be considerate of others feelings

7. Keep messages short and simple

8. Keep the listener in mind

8 Tips to manage conflicts

1. Listen to the speakers tone of voice

2. Use reflection

3. Stay focused

4. Pay attention

5. Be interested

6. Be patient

7. Keep the speaker in mind

8. Ask questions to clarify the message

Netiquette~ the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet

1. Before you post a comment, check and click

2. Dont spam!

3. Express yourself

4. Respect others privacy

5. Be truthful

6. Be careful with humor and sarcasm

7. Avoid offensive language

8. Dont type in all Capital letters

9. Be patient with internet Newbies

10. Dont steal other peoples photos