Weekly Memo

Life Sciences Secondary School

Kim's Message

May 30, 2016

Dear Staff,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend before we enter the last month of school.

We only have 2 weeks left until Regents Examinations! 4 weeks left until 8th Grade Graduation! And 4-1/2 weeks left until High School Graduation! Please see below for a calendar of important events between now and the last day of school (this list keeps growing!). We have a busy 4-1/2 weeks and it is important that we all help support students to stay focused on their academics through the end of the year so that those who are leaving us are successful in reaching graduation and that those who will be with us next year can earn all of their credits and avoid summer school! Please continue to encourage your students to attend Saturday School and After School to get the extra support they need!

If you have submitted curriculum maps for feedback and they have not been returned to you, they will be in your mailboxes with feedback by Wednesday morning. Your Team Leaders will be engaging you in a reflection of your Cycles of Inquiry during your Wednesday team meeting and Friday should be used to continue your work on your curriculum maps.




  • A gigantic shout out to Ms. Zaharakis, Ms. Feldman, Ms. Benoit, Ms. McGee, and Ms. Palencia for all of your hard work to ensure our stduents had an incredible Career Day last week!!! There was extremely positive feedback from staff, students, and the presenters. Our stduents are requesting that we have 2 Career Days next year! Not only did you organize an amazing day, you also provided many of our stduents with the opportunity to earn credit towards their CDOS requirements through the work they did as hosts to the day's guests. Thank you for putting so much time into this event. And thank you to all of our staff who helped recruit speakers for the day.
  • Congratulations to Ms. K, Mr. Miller and the boy's baseball team for making it to the playoffs and playing a strong final game!
  • Thank you to Ms. Shambourger and Mr. South for your dedication to our students participating in Edumakate this year. I was so proud to see this group of students graduate from the program at Baruch College last Monday.

Important Dates

June 1: Regents Examinations (Common Core Algebra II; Special Administration Integrated Algebra); 8th Grade Science Performance Assessment

June 2: ARISTA Ceremony

June 3: Senior Trip to Dorney Park

June 6: 8th grade Science Written Assessment

June 6: Spring Show Dress Rehearsal

June 8: LPP End of Year Celebration at Global Leaders

June 8: Spring Show; Doors open at 5:45

June 9: Chancellor's Conference Day

June 10: Prom

June 14: No middle school students

June 14-22: Regents Examinations

June 14: SLT

June 17: Middle School Performance with Inside Broadway

June 21: Middle School Spelling Bee

June 23: Rating Day (No High School Students)

June 24: 8th Grade Graduation

June 28: Last Day of School for Teachers and Students

June 29: Graduation (all teachers will receive a ticket for graduation)