"You Make a Difference" Winners


2014 December " You Make a Difference Winner: Mrs. Carlino

Mrs. Carlino is the Media Specialist at Ben Davis University.Crista has really taken a strong leadership role this year in many areas - Climate Committee, Media Center Helpers, English ECA Remediation, Nerd Herd & Chromebar, U-TV & U-News, Textbook Distribution, and Study Skills 103 which she co-teaches with Al. She did an amazing job planning an awesome staff celebration before break for our Holiday Breakfast and also worked with her committee to support other school events such as the Chili Cook-off and Parent Conference evenings. Crista has worked very hard to help students in their courses too through and really taken a supporting role of their academic success. Finally her continued work with our SRI testing coordination with the computer labs, retesting for those that miss their testing time, and of course her SRI data analysis and professional development have been amazing! She is truly a teacher leader in this building and has worked hard with U-TV and U-News to contribute strongly to the culture of BDU. Thank you, Mrs. Carlino! You truly make a difference!

2014 February's You Make A Difference Winner: Mr. Jaisle

Professor Jaisle is always upbeat and positive, even though he faces challenges beyond his control outside of school. He never lets that affect his dedication to his job and our students. He is always willing to go the extra mile for our students to accommodate their learning needs. He is supportive of his colleagues, our students, and our school, and we're lucky to have him on our team.

2014January "You Make a Difference" Winner : Mr. Blamo

Our Head Custodian, Jah Blamo, was awarded this honor for his hard work during the terrible January weather we experienced. Mr. Blamo's efforts in keeping the sidewalks and building entrances clear of ice and snow made for a safe environment for both teachers and students! Thank you, Mr. Blamo!

2013 December "You Make a Difference" Winner : Mr. East

Mr. East was chosen for this honor because of his efforts during winter administration of End-of-Course Assessments (ECAs).