Technology Rules for Parents!

By: Ben VW 8M


Rule #1: Personal Info

Never, ever, post your home address or personal info on any social networking apps. People can use this information to find where you live for first, and get any sort of info they could want by using what you posted. Keep all of your personal info, PRIVATE!

Rule #2: Texting and Driving

People are texting and driving all the time. I see adults driving with one hand while looking down, texting on their phones not paying attention! Keep your devices hidden some place where you are not tempted to use so them so that getting to your destination will be safe for you, and for others.

Rule #3: Posting

Kids, and parents, are posting way to much info or photos that others should never hear or see. People know it as, TMI. Think before you post a picture, tweet, video, anything! Give yourself a second to make sure the item you are going to post on the internet is appropriate material and or necessary.

Rule #4: Passwords

Kids and parents use passwords like, 123, 321, etc because they are scared that they will forget there password. This fear is making it very easy for Stalkers to get into your social media networks. Make a strong password to prevent this from happening.

Rule #5: Your Name

Never post your real first or last name because, again, Stalkers can use that information to find out many things that you do not want them to know. If people ask for your real name either make up a fake name or tell the person that the info is not valid.

Rule #6: Home address

If someone asks for your home address, street number, or some kind of information like that, never give them even a small clue where you live. Not even your country. Again, people can use this information to track you down and possibly harm you.

Rule #7: Cyber Bullying

If you or your son or daughter is being bullied online, talk to someone right away. Tell them what's happening and what the person has done. Never retaliate on what the person is doing to you. Doing this can create a online war between 2 or more people.
Delete Cyber Bullying

Rule #8: Appropriateness

People use cruel language and post harmful images of others for the fun of it. This can cause great amounts of pain, and sometimes, Death. Be sure that the material that you are sharing will not hurt anyone of the sort.

Rule #9: Accounts

People share their personal accounts with others, this is not safe. Given a friend your account can give your a great amount of access to all sorts of materials. They could say inappropriate things about someone even though it isn't you are the one that is posting this statement. Keep your accounts, PRIVATE.

Rule # 10: Be safe around MEDIA

Be sure that everything you do on media networks will not be regretted later. Anything you post will never be gone for ever even though you deleted it. Its still present. Be careful.