World Cultures Project: Buddhism

Find your Relaxation

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Most Important Belief

The most important belief for Buddhists is the Story of their "Messiah", Buddha. Buddha, otherwise known as The Enlightened One. According to their beliefs, he was resting against a tree as he constantly tried to find true happiness, when he got the answer from a music teacher who said to a boy, "Don't tighten the cord to much or it will break, but don't let it to loose or it will emit no sound." From their, he traveled around South-Eastern part of Asia, teaching the people there how to find true enlightenment through meditation.

Why do they Believe in This Religion?

It offers peace and an understanding of everything around him/her without any judging or restrictions. It takes you down the road of peace and can help you stabilize your life. Not many people change to another religion, and quite a few people actually convert to it.


Buddha Wall Art- Ivory by: Pier 1

Buddha Wall Art - Ivory

As Buddhism traveled along the Silk Road from India to Asia, the Buddha's likeness has taken many forms. Resembling the several hundred statues ...

Current Events

Buddhas are generally peaceful, passive, and non-violent, but one Buddhist priest is claiming to take hatred and even aggression toward Muslims. People are even more confused when the Muslims receive the news and respond with the same manner. These are the normal passive type Muslims, not extremists. They are both generally peaceful (except for the extremists) and would not take violence into account.

Why do People Want to Follow this Religion?

This religion requires nothing but to obey the Dharma and find relaxation. You can convert easily and helps you manage stress through relaxing methods.