Meredith Wegener's Dream Vacation


My dream vacation is to go to Paris,France.

My destination is located in France.

I want to go to Paris, France because it is the shopping capital of the world.

The shopping makes my destination so great.

Ten facts about Paris

-In January, the fashion shows begin.

-May day celebration is on May 1st

-Foire de Paris is a fair in March threw April.

-In June, there is an Air Show

-VE Day is on May 8th

-The national holiday, Bastille day, is on July 14th

-All Souls' Day is on November 1st

-Beaujolais Nouveau is a Wine festival on November 18th

-Armistice Day is on November 11th

-Robert de Sorbon found a University


It will take me 9 hours and 25 minutes to get to Paris.

It is 4,998 miles to go to Paris.

I will bring my friend, Angel.

I will get there by Delta airline.

I will stay 2 weeks.


I will stay at the Paris France Hotel.

It will have air conditioning,a flat screen TV, Satellite international channels,direct phone lines,a hair dryer, a saftey box, and free WIFI.

I need to pack sweaters, shorts, some pants, shirts, some skirts,toothpaste, tooth brush, deoderant, hats, Euros,and a swimsuit.


My trip will cost $2,633 and 2,736 Euros.

The price of will be 98 Euros per night

My spending money is 1,000 dollars and 1,000 Euros.

The food will cost $140

The Travel will cost $1,633

The Airfare will cost $1,633

The gas will cost $8 per gallon


I will visit the Effel Tower, go shopping, exlplore the city, and go on tours.

You could go on tours, cooking classes, rent scooters, wine taste, Paris walks, and a draver guide.

The unique opportunities are, visiting the effel tower, renting scooters, and Paris walks.

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