Juliet external conflict

a person should go with your gut

Act 2 scene 2

Juliet has troubles finding the one she loves until she meets Romeo for the first time. "Call me but love, and ill be new bapitized henceforth i will never be Romeo" pg. 1024

They meet each other for the first time and want to get married so they go with their gut.

Act 4 Scene 1

Romeo gets banned from the city so Paris tries to get her. "O, shut the door! and when thou hast done so, come weep with me- past hope, past cure, past help!" pg. 1073 trying to deny marriage from paris.

Act 4 scene 1

she needs to find away to get back to romeo "give me, give me! O, tell me not of fear." she was talking to friar louerance to get a potion that will help her get back with romeo.

Act 4 scene 2

"I met the youthful lord at lourence cell and gave him what becomed love i might, not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty. she is having conflict with her dad because she doesnt want to marry him.