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We are reading a brand new chapter

Book, The One and Only Ivan. Wow, Ivan has captured our hearts and our minds. We are rooting for this lonely, brave, and mighty Silverback gorilla. Check it out:

We are culminating Unit 5: Heroes with the question, What makes a hero? We read a biography of Sir Edmund Hillary and discussed his brave climb of Mount Everest and his generous work with the people of Nepal. We continue to focus on summarizing, inferencing, and building vocabulary skills.

Language Arts:

We are in the midst of learning and practicing our cursive letters. Keep practicing at home, too. Remember, practice makes improvement!

We also published our Important Poems, where we chose a topic and wrote juicy details about why it is important. Check them out on our bulletin board!


Fractions are fabulous fun! The children learned to identify, compare, and order factions. Our fraction cards and games are great resources to us. The children also solved and created their own fraction number stories.


Our caterpillars’ arrival has been unexpectedly delayed, but we anticipate their arrival on Friday. We can’t wait to observe the butterfly life cycle. Feel free to visit for great information about the Painted Lady Butterfly life cycle.


Wax Museum

WOW! I am so very impressed with the hard work and dedication the chiildren showed during the process of our wax museum research and performance. The speeches, costumes, and triboard activities were fantastic! I thank all the parents for their hard work at home and the endless listening to their child's speeches! :)


Quiz Me Questions!

Quiz Me Questions

  1. What was your favorite part of the Wax Museum?
  2. Why was Edmund Hilary a hero?
  3. What are the body parts of a caterpillar- sing the song!