6th Grade

My Family

I live with 4 people in my house. That is my mom my 2 sisters and my two dogs. My dogs' names are Molly (Girl) and Marlie (Girl). My 2 sisters name are Marissa and Mandi.

All About Me

Hi my name is Mike Minneker. I love to be right and I dont like to eat. I am a very calm person at times but can get very angry in a sudden momment.


Some things I really like to do is play on my ipad and play xbox. I also i really like playing with my 2 friends that are twins Henry and Adam. We met online playing Dungeon Defenders on our ipads. I play a bit of baseball and bowling.


Some awards i have got was for playing baseball and getting the winning home run and getting the final strike of our win at bowling. I got a trophie and everything. I am a very competive kid when it comes to sports too.


Gamer, Sleeper, Sporty, Funny

Gaming, Pets, Ipad

Chores, Work, School

I get my ipad, Im left alone, I am sleeping

Im scared, Im hit, Break ups

Friday, Horror Movies

I have to touch a spider, I have to stop what im doing

I am at home, My dogs are near

Spiders, Snakes



One goal is to get through school. Another goal is to get all 5s on the EOG