Syndicate Mortgage Investment

Fortress Real Capital

What is a Syndicate Mortgage?

A syndicate mortgage is a mortgage investment which gives you the protection of your principal while paying you a rate of interest substantially higher than what you would earn from your GIC or mutual fund. With a syndicate mortgage, it is typical for you to join, with others as a group (syndicate) to lend to profitable large scale real estate developments in Canada.

The features of the syndicate mortgage as an investment are somewhat similar to those of a GIC or Canada Savings Bond. It has a predetermined interest rate and fixed term usually between two to four years, in most cases. They can be held in RRSPs and all other registered accounts, at a financial institution.

Investing in a syndicate mortgage is a licensed financial transaction, which must be underwritten by a Mortgage Agent, who is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). A lawyer is required to close these mortgage investments and register the charge on the property at the land registry on behalf of the lender (investor).

Fortress is an RSP eligible Syndicated Mortgage product that allows a consumer to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate by becoming a mortgage lender. Your principal amount is fully secured against the subject property (as a mortgage) where you enjoy steady interest on your funds and, where available, a deferred lender fee at the end of your term.

As a Fortress investor you’re not buying through a blind pool or a fund. You can review and select which projects make sense for you and your investment objectives. Eligible to be held in your RSP, LIRA, RIF, LIF, RESP and even TFSA accounts.

Who Am I Investing With?

Who you are investing with is just as important as what you are investing in. Fortress focuses on large scale, blue chip development deals with established developers and builders possessing decades of experience. These developers and builders are carefully vetted and their stellar track records of success position them well to become borrowers for the capital raised by the Fortress Real Capital product.