Journey in ECE Approach

Nicole Chaplin

The begining

It all began as a student who was getting ready to graduate from High School was eager to learn about ECE. She enrolled in a vocational early childhood program. The program taught her the basics of ECE practice and theory.
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Through the program and the beginning years in college the student learned a lot about how to prepare lessons for students. She was always taught to make an example to show the students when presenting the activity.
This student quickly recognized that when the students were shown a sample their work mimicked hers. Several of the students even got frustrated when they could not make their work look like hers. This process seemed to teach children to copy and that there was a right and wrong...there seemed to be no creative learning process.

The Ending

As the education and experience continued she learned and evolved in her education. She learned that when children are given open option for creativity and not given examples there was much more learning through the process. To this day she believes it is about the process of learning not the product.

NACCE Strategies Addressed

"To enable young people to embrace and understand cultural diversity by bringing them in contact with the attitudes, values and traditions of other cultures".
"To enable young people to recognize, explore and understand their own cultural assumptions and values".