Foundations of Engineering & Tech A

12 Week Newsletter

Engineering Discussions Due

  • Parametric Design Discussion (discuss Sketchup rather than Creo)

Engineering Projects & Assignments Due

  • Creo Elements Projects #3 - 8 or Alternative Sketchup Models #3 - 12

Engineering Tests Due

  • None

Sketchup Alternative Assignment

This assignment is a great alternative to the Cocreate assignment that many of you seem to be having trouble with. This assignment replaces the Cocreate assignment.

  • Download Sketchup Make below
  • Download or print the two parametric design worksheets below
  • Use Sketchup to draw a 3-D model of all 12 parametric design drawings
  • Follow the Youtube tutorial below to get started
  • All 3-D models must be drawn to scale (1 unit = 1 inch)
  • You must have measurement labels on your 3-D model drawings
  • Begin with a cube and use deduction to achieve your desired finished model
  • Upload a .jpg file and the Sketchup file for each drawing in the appropriate dropbox
Google Sketch Up Demo