Summer of Science

Cruise in Greece

Science in Greece

While my family and I went to Greece this summer. The kind of science I saw was physical science. We went to many temples that Ancient Greeks built and by far, my favorite was The Temple of Hades, the God of fire. It was on a hill where you could see the City's acropolis. The Ancient Greeks loved Hades because they needed fire. On The Temple of Hades, it looked like parts of it was burnt. I don't know if that purposely happened or if it was just because of how old it was. I also thought it was cool that The Temple of Hades was surrounded by a forest because people use wood to make fire. They built the temple very symmetrical too. I thought that all of the temples were very cool.

What the most interesting part of your visit? (three sentence minimum and DETAIL)

The most interesting part of my visit to Greece had to be going to temples of gods and goddesses. I thought it was so cool how each temple was different. Some were really tall while others were short. Some were wide while others were thin. There was just so many different temples and even though they all were similar each one had its own personality.

List three thing about yourself that you would like me to know about you. (three sentences minimum)

I love doing arts and crafts. I especially love art class and I've joined art club every year. I also love youtube. My favorite youtubers are Colleen Ballinger, and Miranda Sings. I am on the Cats Aquatics swim team. I swim everyday at least an hour and a half.