Sumerian Webquest

By Jamel Lyons

Role 1

1. Tigris and Euphrates river. The land between the two rivers.

2. The map here as you see.

3. The climate has cold and dry periods.

4. The present-day country is Iraq.

5.It is 5172.45 miles from Elm City.

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Role 2

1. Akkadians, Amorities, Hitties, Kassites, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Sumeria.

2. Urban Revolution, Military Structures, Development of Writing.

3. Hammurabi had made a set of laws and anyone who broke the law would be punished.

4. If anyone ensnare another, putting a ban upon him and couldn't prove it would be put to death.

If any one bring an accusation upon a elder and couldn't prove it would die.

If he satisfy the elder to impose a fine shall fine the action of produces.

If any one steals the property shall be put to death.

There is no Thirteenth law because it is an evil number.

5. Gilgamesh is a legendary god who was not just a superhero he was the first and he also had many special powers.

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Role 3

1. It did not rain much, but the early settlers soon learned that if you irrigated the land, crops grew quickly. These early people built canals to bring water to the land from the rivers. They planted wheat, barley, dates, and vegetables including cucumbers, onions, apples, and spices.

2.Along with factors such as war and changes in the environment, scientists now believe irrigation techniques played an important role in Mashkan-shapir's collapse.

3.Normally people ate two meals a day. Except for the rich, most people ate unleavened bread, and drank large amounts of beer (up to one gallon a day). Cow's milk was also drunk, but it quickly turned sour in the hot climate. Because meat was expensive, most people ate cooked vegetable stews.

4.A few cities are not near a significant source of water. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Tehran, Iran once had sources of water that no longer exist. Johannesburg, South Africa developed after the discovery of gold in 1886. The Chattahoochee River near Atlanta, Georgia is not a significant source of water.

5.Canals and irrigation ditches were built for redirecting the water to the fields used for farming.

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Role 4

1. The Hanging Gardens really didn't hang in the sense of being suspended

by ropes and cables.

2. The pictures of inventions.

3. It was how they used to write. The Sumerian civilization came up with it.

4.The Priests, The Upper and Lower Class, The Slaves.

5. Ziggurats were temples. The held ceremonies at the top.

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