Swear to Howdy

Wendelin Van Draanen

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Main Character(s)

Russel Cooper (Protagonist): Joey is a teenage boy who's very adventurous, funny, caring and also a troublemaker. This character reminds me of me, simply because I have the same characteristics as he does.

Russel's sister (Antagonist): Joey's sister is also in her teenage years but older than Joey. She's very girly, loves to gossip, and enjoys picking on her little brother. This character reminds me of my own sister because she also loves to pick on me!

Protagonist's Problem

Joey's little sister Rhonda, is like Russel's little sister as well. Joey's problems are automatically Russel's problems and they help each other because they're more than best friend's, they're like family to each other. When Russel goes to visit Joey they find out that Rhonda had killed the family fish and everything that baby Rhonda does, Joey gets blamed for. If Joeys father finds out, it won't be pretty..

Protagonist's Important Action

The solution to the problem was going out to get a replacement fish, even though Russel would tell Joey to talk to his dad about what happened Joey refused to. After heading out to buy more replacement fish every two days since they kept dying, the lady behind the counter asked if they wanted water drops for their tank. Turns out that what they really needed was fish tank drops to keep the fish alive.

Antagonist's problem

Russel's sister, Jenna Mae's problem is actually her little brother and Joey. These two love messing with their sisters and got them fired by putting bugs into the drinks that the girls were serving to the customers. Russel knew it was wrong of them to do something like that but since it was Joey's idea, they made a pack and made a promise not to tell anyone about it. Another one of their secrets sealed for life.

Antagonist's Solution

There isn't much that she could do about Russel or Russel's best friend, but maybe just distance herself and hang out with her own best friend Amanda Jane. Their brother's will continue to try and get under their skin.

Main Characters on Other Characters

Protagonist to Other: The way Russel Cooper feels about his best friend Joey is that he's very similar to him. What he likes about him is that he's trustworthy and fun just like him.

Antagonist to Other: The way that Jenna Mae feels about her best friend Amanda Jane is that they share so much in common. What she likes about her is that she loves to gossip just like her, she's trustworthy, and they enjoy each other's company.

My Impressions

Impression of Protagonist: What I like most about the protagonist Russel is that he doesn't care about what others have to say, he likes to live in the moment and lives to the fullest no matter the consequences. This character is like me because that's exactly how I am, I act now and think later.

Impression of Antagonist: What I dislike about Jenna Mae is that she could be a better sister in my opinion by spending time with her little brother instead of only focusing on unimportant stuff. The way I'm similar to her is that I'm a girl and us girls love to gossip.

Characterization: In the End..

Protagonist: Russel is a round character.

Antagonist: Jenna Mae is a dynamic character.

Rhonda is a flat character in this story.

Joey is a round character in this story.


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