Counselling Plus Therapy Tools

Help Support Understanding & Healing

Come to my home, I will come to yours or even on social websites (though not ideal)

Need someone to talk to who understands and doesn't give you text book answers or keep checking the clock! I have had some life experiences that I am sure you will relate to some of. Not only will I be someone to talk to I also will help you with aims, motivation and journal keeping. I write a lot of poems and find it a great therapy tool that I can share and help you with You have the added option of angel or goddess guidance card readings and healing crystals cleansed and programmed to your mental or physical needs. I will tell you how to store and look after them. I can also help you with a basic meditation exercises with or without crystals

I have helped many people with my listening skills and support, poetry, guidance cards and healing crystals so if you are in need of some help and support and want to try some different therapy tools please contact me!

I am Sammie Jo

If you are interested in my services please send me a text or email and I will contact asap!

Thank You

Sammie Jo