Sara's Birthday

A BIG day fitted for a Queen (literally)!!!

So today we celebrate your Birthday!

I have planned a day with you as royalty in mind! I hope its not lame or cheesy...but you have played such in important role in my life and if I could literally give you a palace, a horse and "man servants" ha ha ha ha....I totally would! So this is the next best kick back and enjoy!

Sara's Bday

Friday, May 24th, 2pm

All over Toronto

Please pack for an overnight event.  Casual is fine...maybe some nice jeans and a nice shirt for dinner!?
  • 2:00 Pick you up
  • 3:00 Arrive and enjoy treatment of your body and soul
  • 4:00 Travel to hotel
  • 5:00 Arrive, settle in and get ready
  • 6:30 Leave for Dinner and show
  • 7:00 Arrive At Dinner and show take seats
  • 7:30 Show begins
  • 9:30 End of show, head back to the hotel
  • Sunday MorningBreakfast and head home

Rania Funplanner &co

Loooveee My friend!!! Hope you have a super amazing day!! and an even better year!!