Dance Attack

By: Aspen Coleman

Maddie Ziegler's Climb to the Top.

Since she was two she has been an active member of the ALDC ( Abby Lee Dance Company) She was a girl with a dream to be a famous dancer. This is her story, Maddie Ziegler's story.

You may recognize Maddie from the reality TV show on Lifetime Dance Moms. In fact she has been part of the ALDC since 2004. Maddie Nicole Ziegler has set a challenging goal for 2015, that goal is to win "Elite Dancer" at West Coast Dancer Explosion. But no worries, Maddie has been trained in tap, ballet, lyrical, aero, jazz and ariel. Out off all those, her top two favorites are tap and lyrical. Besides from Dance Moms Maddie has also starred in Austin & Ally, Drop Dead Diva, The Ellen Show, Dancing with the Stars, etc.

But before all that happened, Maddie was a 4'6" dancer at the ALDC with a big dream. Today Maddie is 12 born on the 30th of September. Maddie has had eight callbacks on a Broadway show Billy Elliot, but she did not do the shoe because the Maddie wouldn't participation the show Dance Moms. Very little people know that Maddie was not her original name, for the first two weeks of her life her name was Taylor. Maddie and her sister McKenzie ( who is also an original member of the ALDC and the show Dance Moms) are homeschooled, so they can do their school work in the morning and be practicing dance at the ALDC all afternoon. Some of Maddie's favorite things are: math, neon blue, purple and pink, and when Maddie is not dancing she enjoys making YouTube videos with her friends. Another thing about Maddie ad McKenzie is that there is a room in their house filled entirely of leotards called "The Store".

Over Looking Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Located in Southwest Pennsylvania and is the states second largest city, this is Pittsburgh. Home of the ALDC and reality TV show Dance Moms Pittsburgh has it going on. Established in 1758 Pittsburgh has a whopping 307,404 city population and 1,277,066 county population in 2011. Its average low temperature is 20.8°F in January and the average high in July 82.5°F. Pittsburgh home teams are Penguins, Pirates, Steelers and River hounds. Pittsburgh is home to the largest inland port in the U.S. and has more than 1,700 bridges and 720 of them are in the Pittsburg city limits.

Many products have been invented in Pittsburgh such as Heinz Ketchup. Also more then 50 major films have been filmed there, and the first commercial radio station was created in Pittsburgh. Did you know that Christina Agularia was born and raised there. In 1893 one of the world first Ferris Wheel was built there as a test to see if people enjoyed them.

An average 3.9 million people visit Pittsburgh annually. If you went there one of the biggest attraction is canoeing or boating on the Allegheny, Monongahela, or Ohio river.

High Flying Pittsburg

A sky view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the day time.

Do you know Maddie Ziegler?

1. What show on Lifetime time does Maddie star in?

A. Dancing Dolls

B. Dance Moms

C. Drop Dead Diva

2. What is her sisters name?

A. Maddie

B. Maggie

C. McKenzie

3. What is her dance teacher's name?

A. Abby Lee

B Kathy Dee

c. Mattie Lee

4. What is her goal for 2015?

A. Win " Elite Dancer" at West Coast Explosion

B. Win " High Gold" at East Coast Explosion
C. Win " Supreme" at West Coast Explosion

5. What studio is she at?

A. Studio 5678

B. Abby Lee Dance Company

C. Candy Apples

Answers will be at the bottom. DO NOT PEEK!☺

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☺☺Dancing Jokes☺☺

Q. How do you get a tissue to dance?

A. You put a little boogie in it.

Q. Where do fortune teller dance?

A. At the crystal ball.

Q. Where did the hamburger learn to dance?

A. The Meat Ball.

Q. What do you call a dancing lamb?

A. a baa-lerina

Q. Where do you dance in California?

A. San Frandisco

Quiz Answers ( do not peek!)

1. B. Dance Moms

2. C. McKenzie

3. A.Abby Lee Miller

4. A.To win "Elite Dancer" at West Coast Explosion

5. B.Abby Lee Dance Company or ALDC

Maddie Ziegler through the years

Pittsburgh Lives On