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September 20, 2014

In case you missed it

Dr. Bryan came on Monday evening for his yearly community forum to share where we are headed as a district and answer questions anyone posed. He discussed how each level is developing our students' leadership skills to be prepared for their futures. Our elementary is focusing on Leader In Me, secondary AVID, and high school the NAF Academies of Hospitality and Tourism, Engenieering, and Finance. Broadway Elementary is focusing on AVID in 4th and 5th grades and Leader In Me in K-3 and have plans to expand across the school with both initiatives. Dr. Lynn Smith, Mark Akinosho, and Tamra Brogan, three of LCS Board of Education members, were present and contributed to the conversation as well as voiced their support for the district vision. Thank you to Cynthia Wicker, Kim Stuart, and Lauren Cox for representing SanLee staff at the forum.

If you were not aware, our elementary feeder schools, Greenwood, Tramway, Ingram, and Edwards, are all embracing the 7 Habits of Hightly Effective People by Steven Covey; Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put 1st things 1st, Think Win-Win, Seek first to Understand, Then be Understood, Synergize (adults and children). It will be amazing to have students come to us with these habits instilled in their daily lives.

I was riding to a professional development with another middle school administrator discussing the 7 Habits in elementary schools on Friday. Her child is in one of the elementary schools and is constantly using the language at home and pointing out when they are "being proactive" and "putting first things first". This is such a positive approach to teach children leadership skills using a common language across a school.

It will be just as amazing for our high schools to have children from SanLee with the AVID, Advancement via Individual Determiniation, mindset and principles like effective organizational and study skills, goal setting and planning, importance of serving/helping others, as well as, posssessing the "grit" required for college and/or the career path they want to pursue based on their strengths and interests, instilled when they walk through their doors. As we gain a deeper knowledge of AVID this year, focus on key strategies, and use the same lanuguage school-wide, our children will also internalize and utilize these principles inside and outside of school without prompting.

Higher Education and the business world will also benefit from receiving young adults with these skill sets. Many top corporations like Verizon, AT&T, XEROX, and Cisco have already recognized this and have promised preference when interviewing and hiring to students graduating from NAF Academies from our local high schools. Next year both high schools will have all four NAF Academies for students to choose from based on their interests; Hospitality and Tourism, Finance, Engineering, and Information Technology, and Health Sciences.

If you are not aware, my youngest daughter is in the first cohort of Hospitality and Tourism. The skills she has learned in real world situations (public speaking, innovation, problem solving, and collaboration) are skills which will be used in any field. She and all those in an academy will be place in a year long, paid internship during their senior year to gain even more real world experiences.

I took this time to write about all of this because it is important for us to realize what an important role we have in our district-wide vision for the children lucky enough to be in our schools. I am proud to be an educator in Lee County Schools where the whole child is important, and we have a goal for all our students to graduate high school with something more than an high school diploma. Thank you for all you do everyday for our children and to support what is most important, our children and their futures.

Coming Up:

Monday: Pictures during electives

Away game (VB & Soccer) at Dunn

Tuesday: 30th School Day - All shots records must be up to date and turned in!

Progress reports to admin (Warren - 6th and PE), (Derr - 7th, all other electives) (Bridges 8th, EC & ESL)

Home game (VB & Soccer) vs. East Lee and Stallion Stampede

AIG Meeting in Anne Knuth's Room @ 3:00

AIG Parent Night @ 5:30 pm in the media center

Wednesday: Away football game @ Shugart

AVID Team meeting @ 3:00 in the PLC room

Thursday: Early dismissal @ 12:15 pm & Progress Reports go home

Study Island webinar @ 1:30 pm for 6th and 7th grade ELA and Math teachers and 8th grade ELA, Math, and Science teachers

Friday: Welcome Back Stallion Nation Dance 6-8:30 pm

This represents what WE do as a school! Thank you to ALL!

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Stallion Stampede

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 2:30-3pm

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

Any students staying for the game MUST report to the cafeteria at dismissal. PTSO officers will host our first Stallion Stampede. They will give away t-shirts, free concessions, and game passes to lucky Stallions! We will cheer our volleyball and soccer teams into the games and on to VICTORY!

FYI: Games start at 4:00 pm and tickets are $6. Teachers get into LCS games for free!

I AM a Stallion :) Positive messages from Mrs. Inman's room

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