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Jamestown is the colony that is swampy with hard working people and their leader is captain John smith. The beginning of Jamestown began in the 1600s. The Journey was rough. It was hart for people to settle in because most people didn't not work with their hands. John smith is Jamestown hero John smith is Jamestown leader. This is the three reasons about Jamestown and how it was made and how people had to survive.

The Beginning of Jamestown

Jamestown was made in 1609. The journey took more than four months but the colonist made it. The three ships reached the Virginia coast and sailed into the Chesapeake bay .The colonist named the settlement Jamestown in honer of their king. The setters built houses,storage houses.the settlement thought that Jamestown would be easy to defend.

Later on after they arrived , all they needed to do was settle in.

Settling in

Their is work to be done but most men did not work with tire hands.

One reason it was hard to settle in because most people did not know how to farm.

Colonist stole food from each the Indians. This people did not work very hard because England gave out supplies. The spot they picked was swampy

Now that the settlers are struggling for supplies a brave hero saves Jamestown.

John Smith

John smith became the new Jamestown leader that they needed

John smith had been a soldier for several kings in Europe. Smith came up with a quote that was he that will not work will not eat and this was true enjoined who did not work did not eat. Smith married Pocahontas and she was a Indian witch was a good thing because Jamestown got supplies from the Indians.

As you can see John smith changed life's in Jamestown


Jamestown was a hard to make. The beginning of Jamestown was in 1609. It was hart to settle in because most men did not work with their hands. John Smith is Jamestown conductor that they needed. This was how Jamestown was made


Bay - an inlet of sea or out her body of water usually smaller than a gulf

Defend - to fight in order to keep (someone or something) safe

Swampy - consisting of suggestive of or resembling swamp


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