Nuclear Holocaust Survival Plan

Brooke, Katie, Maddy, Braxton

Fission vs. Fusion



-Uranium 235/236 (Fuels)

-Splits into Kr 92 and Ba 141

Alpha, Beta and Gamma Radiation

Alpha particles:

-are least likely to penetrate skin, and is the least harmful

-alpha-emitting materials are only harmful if they are inhaled

-travels a short distance

Beta particles:

-are faster than Alpha particles & can penetrate further

-will travel up to 10 meters before they are absorbed by the atmosphere

-examples of beta emitters: strontium-90, carbon-14, sulfur-35

Gamma radiation:

-is the deadliest, and can penetrate just about any kind of shielding

-they can travel nearly a mile in the air

-examples: iodine-131, cesium-137, cobalt-60

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Medical effects

-Alpha radiation is least likely to penetrate skin

-Beta radiation is not fatal unless exposed for prolonged periods

-Gamma radiation is the deadliest and can penetrate just about any type of protection

Exposure to ionizing radiation could cause radiation sickness which damages cells. There is currently no treatment to repair cells, however there are recently approved drugs that are effective at removing radiation elements from the body

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Environmental Effects

  • Some plants and animals are more sensitive to radiation than others. The common pine tree and many small rodents for exsample struggle greatly in a radioactive environment. This offsets the environmental balance, causing more of some organisms and less of others.
  • Also the first 10-15 inches of soil are often contaminated. This makes it very difficult for plants and many ground organisms to grow and thrive.


-The mound







-8 beds (4 Bunks) with wool blankets

-storage room and closet

-plumbing for our bathroom

-Sodium HypoChlorite

-Heated (heater)


-Shower room


-Canned Food (12 months)

-Metal bottles

-Well in the bunker (Water)

-Geiger Counter


-Jackets, masks, snowpants, gloves, goggles, hats, and scarves



- Radios (2)

-Walkie talkies (8)