The Young Elites

by Marie Lu

What would you do if you were rejected, cast out, and had the ability to inflict the same pain.


Ten years earlier, in a late middevil period, a great plague called the blood fever, swept though the land of Kenettra. killing the adults infected and left the infected children with strange markings. these survivors are called malfettos, but some malfettos obtained more than just scars, but powerful and unusual gifts. these came to be called The Young Elites. Adelina is an Elite which only recently discovers her powers that are unlike any other. being tangled with a man named Enzo and his group of Elites up against Teren the Lead inquisitor for the king. her power causes emotional conflict for all of them.


A great book if you want a good fantasy. Even though the book has little reference to magic, the ability of the young elites make up for that. One of the most clever things that Marie Lu had added to the book is that it has no hero. Even the main character isn't a hero. She's more of an anti-hero. I'll suggest the book to teen's and young adults and rate this 5 stars.

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