HVS Counselor Newsletter

Transition tips for the 2018-2019 School Year

Your child’s School Counselors have been working since last spring to make sure 2018-2019 is the best school year it can be. Because we know many students can be nervous coming back to school, we wanted to share information on ways to help the transition go as smoothly as possible. Part of counselors’ role is to connect students, parents/guardians, and staff to resources that will help support a successful school year. Listed below are Huron Valley School Counselor’s top 5 ways to help your child transition back to school along with links to sites connecting you to additional information.

1. Be in the know

Find out how your school sends communications. Is it a weekly or monthly newsletter? Is it sent home with students or emailed? Is your preferred method of delivery and/or email up to date? Visit the schools website to review the school calendar, testing dates, special events/after school activities. Find out where to check grades/homework and how to get in touch with staff. If you have questions, reach out early and often!

2. Discuss expectations for both class and school

Review all syllabus/team packet as well as classroom policies with your student. This will send the message you and the teacher are on the same page. Attend curriculum night, parent teacher conferences and reach out to appropriate staff if your child is struggling in any way.

For more information visit:

3. Teach or reteach organizational and study skills

Both time management and how to study are not skills directly taught in every class. For most students summer has very few deadlines, so coaching your child to make a daily to do list and/or plan out how they will break studying for big tests in smaller chunks can help help set them up for a successful year.

4. Review your student’s role in the school community and where to get help

Review the HVS code of conduct as well as building specific policies and discuss what you expect with your child. Review the ways your child could reach out for help for themselves and/or for someone else. Allow them to choose which way they get help, but set the expectation they should reach out. School safety is everyone’s job.

5. Make every moment count

In the blink of an eye it will be time for your sweet baby to leave the nest. Stay involved in your child’s life and continue coaching to the very end. Studies show the more a parent is involved both in school and at home the better chance of success the student has.