Florentine Soccer

Florentine soccer also known as "historic football"

About Florentine Soccer

Florentine Soccer was born in Florence around 1200-1300 AD.

This is an unusual and barbaric sport that is played primaliry in Italy. Infact King Henry 3 of France said that this sport was too small to be a war and too cruel to be a game. Historic football takes place every June in historic square in italian city of Florence.


Matches are played on a dirt pitch for 50 minutes straight without any stoppages, even if players have to be stretchered off the field by medics. The game starts when the "Pallaio" throws the ball to the center line, followed by firing of a small cannon that announce the beginning of the conflict. In this sport there are two teams of 27 players that are allowed to use any means to get the ball from one end of the field to the other, including punching,kicking and wrestling, players usually do it without gloves or helmets. Infact any type of contact is legal. The teams consist of four goalkeepers and three fullbacks, they have to stop attacking players from scoring. in the teams there are also five halfbacks who play towards the front of the field, and 15 forwards who stand toe-to-toe along the centre line. Win the team that get more score.