Athens Attractions

By: Jamie Rubin and Kristen Sansone

Introduction to the Athens

Athens were hard working, strong, and loyal people. Athens were a democracy who thought some specific people should have a say. Athens democracy only let male citizens over the age of 18 to participate in the government. They also believed that education was more important than fighting and war. Athens were loyal to the people around them and knew they were important people. Athens had a strong and good running government, people had more benefits than Spartans did, and the technology that they used is still around today. Overall the Athens were strong and the best and most important and best polis for Ancient Greece.

Athen's government video

Conclusion of the Athens

Athens were a hard working, strong, and loyal people. Athens was a city-state in ancient Greece that was a democracy. Athenian men only had a say in government, and the woman and slaves had no rights. Even though Athens was a democracy, some rulers were tyrants in Athens, like their main enemy, Sparta. Sparta and Athens have faced many battles and wars to each other even though they come from very different governments. Sparta had more of a fighting background, but Athens fought and valued war very much, but still thought education was very important for their society. Athens was a very loyal government that let people have a say. But only Athenian men had a say in government. Athens were a very strong government that had power and rights. Athens’s goal was to defend themselves and to defeat the Spartans.