National Space Centre

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What to do

In the National Space Centre there is loads to do. You can come with school or with your family. There are lots of special events for everyone:

-Small Space Toddler day. Toddlers only!!! 28th March.

-Grossology half term. Finding out the truth about the human body. 5-27th April.

-Brickish weekend. Lego; come along and see amazing creations. 10-11th May.

-Return of the Garrison - Star wars. Meet the stars and your favourtite characters in The National Space Centre. 21-22nd June.

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"National Space Centre" Leicester, England

National Space Centre

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Learn about Space

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You can have a great time with your school on a tour at the Natoinal Space Centre!
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Adult: £13.00

Child (5-16): £11.00

Under 5: FREE

Parking all day: £2.00

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