Earthquakes and Volcanos

By: Deren, Lucas, Blake, and Nick

Most Dangerous places

There are thousands of beautiful places in this world. What you can see with your eyes is what makes these places beautiful, but that places you are not able to see, make these beautiful places very dangerous. Miles under our feet are tectonic plates that cause dangerous earthquakes and volcanoes. Many places all around the world are impacted by this tectonic activity.

Kanto, Japan

With flowing hills and few mountains makes this a beautiful place to place to live. Kanto has lots of people, but plenty of space. This region in Japan is bordered by the Beautiful Pacific Ocean. With lots of hills and scenic views it makes it one of the best places to live in Japan. It also makes it one of the top places for tourists in Japan. These are few of the many reasons why people want to live in Kanto, Japan.

Plate Tectonics

There are two plates that create a dangerous convergent boundary with subduction. A convergent boundary is when two plates collide, when they have subduction zone plate goes under the other. Always an oceanic plate goes under a continental. The Pacific plate and the Eurasian Plate. There are 94 dated volcanic eruptions since 1900 and some volcanoes have erupted more than once. Japan was formed by the two plates colliding. Most of this is because Japan was formed by the two biggest plates in the world.

Dangerous Or Not?

This region is dangerous because it lies in the Pacific Ring Of Fire. Japan has had 41 deadly eruption in the last 10,000 years and 94 volcanic eruptions since 1900. There has been a total of 1,274 dated eruptions and daily earthquakes. Such as the Great Kanto earthquake that killed around 100,000 people from the earthquake alone. Another instance is the 8.9 earthquake that leveled towns and was felt around the whole country. This is why Kanto, Japan is dangerous.


Why do people want to live in Haiti? Haiti is located 18.53 N 72.33 W. Haiti is a beautiful place to live in because it has beautiful sites to see. The Kokoye beach is really beautiful. The beach has white soft sand, crystal clear water, and the water is really calm. People want to live and visit Haiti because they have many beaches and some of them are beautiful.

Tectonic plates

Haiti is sitting on a transform plate also known as a conservative plate. A transform plate is when the plates slide right past each other just slightly touching each other. Then, the plates are moving, so the tectonic movement is cased then, the pressure builds up after a while then finally it bursts and causes the earth quakes and volcano activity. Two land forms that have been created are ridges and steep foothills.

Why is Haiti So Dangerous?

One reason why Haiti is so dangerous is because it is lying on a major fault Their latest earthquake was in 2012 and it did over fourteen billion dollars in damage and over 100,000 people died. The earthquake didn’t just kill a lot of people it left a number of 2.3 million people homeless. The earthquake in 2012 ranked at a 7.1 magnitude, but it didn’t come close to the terrifying record of 8.1 that took place in 1842.


Why do people live in Chile?

Chile has very scenic places like mountains, lakes, rivers, the Pacific Ocean, city lines, and etc. It is a long strip down the southwestern side of South America; its coordinates are 31.4667˚ S and 70.9000˚ W. As of 2012 Chile’s population is 17.46 million people. Chile’s industries are copper, other minerals, foodstuffs, fish processing, iron, and steel. Agriculture wise they raise wheat, corn, grapes, beans; beef; fish; and timber. Their exports are copper, fish, fruit, paper, pulp, and chemicals. Their exports are copper, fish, fruits, paper, pulp, and chemicals.

Tectonic Plate Movement

Chile is one of the few places that have a triple junction (where three major plates meet) Seismologists are interested in its tectonic setting, not its high magnitude earthquakes. The tree plates that meet are the Nazca Plate, the Antarctic Plate, and the South American Plate. The Nazca Plate is subducting beneath the South American plate at a rate or speed of 80 mm a year. The Antarctic Plate is subducting beneath the South American Plate at a rate of 20 mm per year.

Why so Dangerous?

Chile is great place to live, but if people have to be careful when if they choose to live there. If they plan to move to Chile, they shouldn't choose to live by the choose Pacific Ocean Shore because that is where most earthquakes happen. Going back to May 22, 1960, The Great Chilean was a 9.5 earthquake and caused 600 million dollars in damage. This massive earthquake also caused 5,000 deaths. There are many earthquakes just about every day in Chile.


Indonesia, much like any other place near or in water, is a very beautiful place. The land is filled with towering mountains and deadly volcanoes. The island has miles and miles of breathtaking soft, white, sandy beaches. The water is a nice light blue and is very clear. Baby blue skies are scattered with light and fluffy clouds. The distributed islands that make up the country of Indonesia is located in between the countries of Australia and the Philippines at the location of 6.175° south, 106.828° east.

Tectonic Plate Activity

After hearing about the beautiful parts of Indonesia, its time to go down and see what causing all of these earthquakes and volcanoes that we hear about on the news. There are several plates around Indonesia, but the major plates that cause the most activity are the Australian and Eurasian Plates. The meeting of the plates creates a deadly subduction zone. A subduction zone is an area where one tectonic plate moves under the other and sinks into the mantle as the plates converge. As the Australian Plate shifted under the Eurasian Plate, it created the subduction zone that Indonesia lies on. As the plates converge, they create miles of mountain ranges. Where subduction zones are formed, island arcs are made, which is where a majority of the volcanoes in Indonesia are located.

Dangerous Or Not?

Due to all of the tectonic activity, the plates create a very dangerous environment to live in. People may not think that something miles under where they live could have affect their everyday life, but that is what the population in Indonesia undergoes. There is a total of one hundred forty-seven active volcanoes on the surface of Indonesia. The impacts from the earthquakes and volcanoes have been very fatal causing a total of over seven hundred thousand deaths. Millions of people die worldwide due to these disasters and thousands of them occur annually in Indonesia. Other than the deaths caused by the deadly earthquakes and volcanoes the economic price skyrockets when the plates move causing these disasters. In total, around twenty-five million dollars have been spent repairing the damages generated by earthquakes and volcanoes. Indonesia is a wonderful place to live, but what out for those tectonic plates!

Beautiful But Dangerous.

Those are four of the most dangerous places on Earth. Most of them are beautiful, but many are also dangerous to. They are dangerous, because they lie on tectonic plates and they are in a danger zone. There are many dangerous places on Earth, so watch out for them tectonics!