How does no crime sound?

Who Should Come to Gtopia?

Gtopia is looking for people who enjoy sports and the finer arts. Gtopia needs people that are looking for work and won't complain. Medicare is provided along with a house.

History of Gtopia

Gtopia came to be because of one person, Gennaro Wood. Because of the sudden boost of population, Gennaro realized how crowded cities were. He realized he could build a society with the help of no one else, and create a place for many to come and live in peace. Gtopia was made to give people a place where it is not too crowded. Being so I bet you are wondering, what if it gets too crowded? Well Gtopia has smaller societies if that is to happen. So you don't have to worry about it being crowded.

Why is Gtopia so Great

How Awesome is Gtopia? Gtopia is the safest place you can be. Scientists have made a device that rids a person of any criminal thoughts, any type of crime has been rid of from your minds. You will not be rid of any other thoughts besides criminal thoughts. Gtopia is also free of cancer and some deathly sicknesses. If you may somehow have gotten some type of cancer, go to the Cancer Prevention Center and be rid of your cancer forever. Gtopia has a great education system, public transportation, and a beautiful location in the Canadian Rockies. What's peculiar about Gtopia is that it looks like an old German village but has a vast amount of technology. Gtopia coexists with other Gtopian societies that will not be revealed to the public.

The Amercian Dream in Gtopia

Gtopia is the epitome of American Dream. You are given a house, a job, and a steady income. This job gives you enough money to support a family and still have money for leisurely activities. What more could you want? You also have free health care =)

Difference Between Gtopia and F451

You see, in Gtopia, we don't have any problems with people lacking intelligence and those who have a lot of it. Unlike F451, Gtopia does not require everyone to be the same intelligence. We do prefer average intelligence but won't turn away the below average. In Gtopia, you are allowed to have books and be a pedestrian without being thrown in jail. Firemen also help put out fires instead of destroying them.


Some possible problems may include invasion, this may be caused by people who are against Gtopia or people who are not allowed in. If this occurs everyone will be moved to a specific dimension... If items are lost they will be replaced.
Other Gtopian societies may not be used at all times, they will be used in times of emergencies or if Gtopia itself gets too crowded.
If anyone wants to leave they may, but if they do their memory about Gtopia is wiped so they won't reveal our weaknesses. Gtopia may be considered a dystopia to criminals and the amish for our advanced technology and the no crime part.
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