Muhatma Gandhi

Born on October 2nd, 1869 and died on January 30th, 1948.

His life

Gandhi was a non-violence activist in India who was beaten and thrown into jail and was beaten many times but he never fought back and retaliated unless he was using his words. He was so powerful that he moved the world in emotions because no matter how bad they beat him, he never broke and never fought back against anyone. He contributed to the world by spiking the amount of non-violence activists in the world and not just in India and other places in that part of the world.
5 interesting facts.

  1. He studied law and was an advocate for the civil rights of Indians.
  2. He was technically born in the British empire although he is Indian.
  3. He died at the age of 78 because he was assassinated by a hindu extremist.
  4. He inspired more people such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela in south Africa.
  5. He was also nominated for the Nobel peace prize 5 times but he never won the prize.

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