Lee Ravenscroft

Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscroft is the founder of the organization "Working Bikes". Lee came up with the idea of Working Bikes when he saw a truck full of old bikes on its way to the dumpster. He thought it was such a waste of bikes, and eventually got the idea of bringing them to other countries. For about two years, Lee went to the dumpsters every monday and collected more bikes. Eventually he got to the point where he went to his community to collect more unused bikes. These bikes are sent all over the world to people who don't have the opportunity to have a bike. Some of the countries these bikes go to are Peru, Tanzania, Guatamala, Angolia, Costa Rica, Uganda, and more. To this day people donate many bikes, and since the organization started in 1999, over 40,000 bicycles have been donated world wide.

Similarities between Dan Gilbert & Lee Ravenscroft

Dan Gilbert (the founder of Quicken Loans) and Lee Ravenscroft are similar because they both feel passionate about what they do. They are also similar because in the long run they both help people out. Lee helps people out tremendously but giving less fortunate people bikes, and Dan helps people by giving them loans in order for them to get situated in there financial life.

Differences between Dan Gilbert & Lee Ravenscroft

These two entrepreneurs differ in a couple ways. A main difference is that Dan's company deals with peoples finance, as Lee deals with standard living habits. Some people in very rural countries can't even get water, and in most situations its because the water is so far away. Lee helps this cause by giving people bikes so they don't spend a whole day just going to get fresh water. In this case Dan Gilbert's loans wouldn't necessarily be the most efficient way to handle the situation.