Triton Times

Eastlake Middle School 8.24.18

Dear Parents and Community Members:

Some important items came up that I want to share with you. Please let me know if you have any questions and please speak with your children about some of these items.

A. Safety! Some of our students have been engaging in risky behavior playing the passout game. We are doing our best to supervise students. Please check in with them about the dangers of this game. In addition, I sent out a message this week to our students about doing the right thing. I also included a form that they can fill out anonymously to report issues of bullying. Here is an example of the Bullying Form we call Tritons Helping Tritons.

Here are some resources for you to discuss the dangers of the passout game...

B. Trash. I am disappointed that over this past week the trash has been piling up and I have seen students deliberately throw food in the air. I have talked with the students many times about my expectations. Unfortunately, to reinforce my expectations we will have a sit-down lunch this week and next week until I see an improvement in the collective ownership of trash. While the students are seated during lunch, we can better monitor who is not picking up their trash.

C. Parent Handbook. In case you have not seen this handbook, I am reminding you that it is on our website. Or you can click on this LINK. We should have the Spanish version up shortly. Students will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of the expectations next week as I decided that I need to speak to the students more about my expectations.

D. FUNDRAISER! We are almost to the end of the PTSO drive. We have raise approximately $7000! We have one more week. We have 322 members signed up. I know we can increase that number. We are going for at least 700. Please help us meet this goal and support the school! Information is below.

As an extra incentive for parents, we are going to give all classes a lottery ticket to win extra tickets for promotion as well as reserved parking (7th grade winners can use it the next year). The winning classrooms will all get one extra promotion ticket and will have one drawing for a reserved parking spot.

E. Please remind students about the dress code. While we understand it is hot, we ask that students not show their midriff area or any undergarments or wear slider type slippers.

Thanks for allowing me to check-in. We will have a more updated version of Triton Times in the next week or two.

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As always, Go Tritons!

Recognize an Awesome Triton Staff Member!

Please take the time to recognize our great staff. I will share your kind note as well as a small token of appreciation. Our staff loves good news!

How Can We Serve You Better?

Do you have concerns that you would like to share with the administration team? Please let us know.

Kindness Month!

We are still expressing the Triton Trait of Kindness this month! Every Monday, we have a Kindness challenge and we share a quotation about kindness. A good conversation starter with your student might be:

1. How were you kind to another person today?

2. What can ELM do to be a kinder place?

Share these ideas with us and we will share with the staff!

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PTSO Contest

Help Our Student and Our School

We are having a great contest through our TSP classes. We have some great incentives for the classes. We also have some surprises coming up for parents! At this point we have raised about $6,000! Not bad... I know we can do better. Let's aim for our goal of $20,000! Remember: All monies go back to our school for our staff! If you cannot donate fiscally, we ask that you invest your time when you can into some of our great PTSO events.
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Week At A Glance

  • August 21 – Cross Country Team Practice (3:30pm ELM Field)
  • August 23 – Cross Country Team Practice (3:30pm ELM Field)
  • August 23 – DLI Parent Night (6:00pm Pavilion)
  • August 24 – ASB Lunch Activity

Down the Road ….

  • August 31 – DLI Family Picnic (Mountain Hawk Park, 4:00pm)
  • September 7 - End Grading Period 1
  • September 10 - Progress Report 1 Distribution
  • September 14 - Annual Luau (Pavilion, 4:00-7:00pm)

Purple Pride!

Twin Day!

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Awesome Exchange Students

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Orchestra Playing Star Wars Theme Song... The Force is strong with this class.

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Science comes alive in Mr. Winczsowski's class!

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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Dr. Shannon Chamberlin and Mendel Nafarrete

Please be aware that several students were found participating in a game called Passout where they hyperventilate for 30 seconds and then hold their breath in attempt to faint. It's a dangerous game that can cause serious damage to the students. We will be discussing this game with the students. Please consider how you might broach this topic with your student.

Mission Statement

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Core Beliefs

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PTSO - We need your help!

The PTSO is an important part of our success at ELM. They provide much needed resources in terms of financial support and human resources. This year, we have set a lofty goal of raising $20,000 to support our school. Please see the important items below regarding becoming involved in this important parent/guardian group! We need you to complete the nomination form and if you are shopping at Office Depot... please see the flyer below and give our information! We get 5% back.
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