Lane's Latest Update

1rst Semester

Brand new Beggining

I was nervous. It was a new beginning i didnt know what to expect. I walked through the hall and saw the junior high kids and that reminded me of last year and how it was going to be different this year. I went class by class learning all the new stuff that would be different this year.Going through out the first semester I had realized high school is different, but if i work hard i can keep up on everything.

1. Be organized.

2. Keep up on work

3. Make sure you always are on task.

4. Get involved with other people.

5. Respect the teachers.

6. Listen to elders.


We practiced a while and we then went to our district FFA meet. We ended up not doing to good but we tried our best. A lot of the teams there where really good, and we needed to improve a bit. We tried our best but they were very knowledgeable on what to do. I still enjoyed competing against the other schools. I also enjoyed hanging out with my friends and seeing all the college students.

Shooting my Buck

I got in the Deer Blind real early. I was ready to shoot the buck that i have been seeing that day. The feeder went off at 4:21, a doe came out then The nice buck walked out and my brother started to hand me my gun and it heard us and then ran off. Then I could barely see it in the woods and then it came back out and i grabbed the gun myself this time. I waited for him to start eating and i aimed right at his heart and shot him perfectly and that was it for him.
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