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January 3-6

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Conscious Discipline Corner

Noticing Language

The skill of noticing is foundational to the successful implementation of Conscious Discipline. It helps us be present and build relationships as we encourage helpfulness in our students and create a School Family™. Your job description as the Safekeeper promises children that you will keep them safe, and they have a responsibility to help keep it safe. We must notice their helpfulness in order to encourage them be successful at this job.

There are four steps that will help you successfully notice the helpfulness of children without judgment:

  1. Start by using the child’s name or the pronoun “you.”
  2. Next, describe in detail what the child did that was helpful.
  3. Help the child understand how that behavior helped someone else or the entire class.
  4. Finally, end the description with a tag such as “that was helpful” or “that was thoughtful.”

Example: You scooted over, so Jon would have more space in the circle. That was helpful!”

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Parents: Do you own a business / have connections to a business that is willing to support Vandora Springs?

The Vandora Springs Elementary School PTA is looking for sponsors for our school’s Boosterthon fundraiser coming up in February 2023! Boosterthon school fundraisers promote fitness, teamwork, character development, and community. Instead of selling items, students raise money for the school simply by committing to run laps (up to 35) during the culminating Fun Run event! It’s an exciting time for the entire school!

This year, monies raised from the Fun Run will go towards technology, PTA programs, and

adding additional shades for our playgrounds. But we need YOUR HELP ensuring this is a

successful experience for all students. We’d like to provide each child, grades kindergarten

through 5th, with a t-shirt to wear during the Fun Run. These t-shirts are not just a way to feel

unified with classmates and to mark the number of laps each student runs (a temporary sticker will be added to keep track of laps run), but they will also be used to advertise our sponsors.

Interested in learning more? Please click here or send an email to ashleybpmassey@gmail.com.

Thank you SO MUCH for your consideration and support!

2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration

Can you believe it's that time already? Kindergarten registration is OPEN! Click here to complete the online registration process. For more detailed registration information, visit the WCPSS website!

Here is a list of required documentation that we need you to provide so we may complete registration:

  • Current proof of residence - (gas, water, or electric bill that is no more than 30 days old, lease/contract on apartment or house.)
  • Certified birth certificate (we must be able to feel the seal.)
  • Photo ID of parent/guardian
  • Record of immunizations
  • North Carolina Health Assessment completed and stamped by a physician.
  • * To be on file within 30 days of starting school

Don't forget that you still need to enroll at your base school first, even if you plan to request a transfer to another school. We look forward to you being a part of our Vandora Springs Elementary School family! If you have any questions, please reach out to Tracy Cattano, at (919) 662-2486 extension 26141.

Technology Support

Click here to report Chromebook issues.

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